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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Supper

Have been away on an amazingly relaxing beach weekend with friends from my freshman year in college.  The types of friends that you can see after a year and you're right back into thick of things.  Comfort in 13 years of friendship is something that is so amazing it's even hard to describe to myself.  I think we'll still be doing the crazy things we do in another 10 too...because that's just who we are.  We became friends at a point in our lives when we were venturing off on our own, discovering, and rediscovering ourselves in ways you can only do at that point in your life.  And now we're all living lives and creating ourselves and it's brilliant that we can stop every now and then and be together to catch up and breathe some life into the busyness of it all.  

Me and three girls (and an honorary husband)...choreographing syncronized swimming routines in the ocean while paddle boarders were coaxing us on and enjoying the finished performance.  Laughing until you almost pee yourself...and never feeling pressure to not share your true thoughts or smartass remark.  It was a great weekend...and I feel energized...and ready for whatever the week brings.  The third trial...and hopefully last...between the owners of my work begins tomorrow.  While my subpoena sits in my bag...and I am fully aware I may be called to the stand as a direct and influential witness...I hold no stress.  It's just not worth it. I know in my heart that things will work out best for the office and I will continue to drive my team towards improving the business and building our services and client satisfaction.  I am confident the truth will come out and the boss that deserves the business, and has truly shaped the success we've seen, will prevail.  He has to...or we will all be on the job hunt.  There is no way we would work for the other owner, so I have to trust in that and just go with my heart.  

I plan to dress for court...and hope I don't get called.  I will if it means a faster end to the battle...but I would still prefer to not go through facing the other owner and his craziness...and dealing with his ahole lawyers cross examination.  It's funny to me how I am never the cause of the drama that wafts into my life...I am so chill...and so not confrontational...but other's around me seem let their drama and their life decisions waft into my space.  I'm left to do my part in the clean up.  That's what friends do...and in this case, I'm doing it to keep my job and paycheck!  

So, here's to a restful sleep...positive outcome at court...and reason to celebrate on Tuesday.  I have a late dinner date...second date to boot.  So I'd like to go into it with the mood and emotion of celebration so that it rolls into a third...and fourth date.  :-)  

Cheers...and keep your fingers crossed...and maybe even your legs, but just for a bit.  Thx.  Rin

Here's the ingredients for a good dinner. :-)  

Men, Men, and more Men.  

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