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Monday, August 22, 2011

MANdatory Mondays!

Another amazing weekend...and another Monday.  Isn't crazy how we build Monday up to be such a dreaded beast...and it so delivers sometimes.  But good things first.  Friday I got a last minute invite from a friend to join him for dinner at a great restaurant since his douche of a boyfriend bailed on him and he had killer reservations.  The food was delicious and there was a crazy lightening storm right on the water which was perfect since we had seats in their upper room which is surrounded by windows.  Saturday I had a killer day.  Breakfast at my fave diner with my lesbo and then I treated myself to a new tv finally.  Gone is the 12" black cube and in it's place a beautiful flat screen that fits perfectly on my shelving unit.  I ended up craigslisting my beloved dining table after realizing it was far too large for my new condo and sold it for $100 more than my tv cost, so already it was a great day.

After those two transactions occurred within 30 minutes of each other, I hit the trail and had a good run. Really hoping to be up to speed for the half marathon in November.  Had a drink date with a new guy that turned into a dinner date after we both chatted and decided to hang a bit longer.  Sweet guy, great conversation, and a nice walk around a cute neighborhood after.  While I am totally smitten with the other guy I've been hanging out with and have since seen for a 3rd date, you can always have more friends...right?  So, onto 3rd date.  We had booked it for Wednesday this week, but Sunday he got off work and gave me a ring in the afternoon...wondering if I wanted to have dinner.  Ummm...Yes!!  I felt like a school girl all giddy inside trying not to walk around my condo on my tippy toes in excitement.  Believe me, I haven't had that feeling in a LONG time.  He came over, we just hung out a bit, snuggled on the couch cuz we were both a bit nappy, and my couch has a way of sucking you into it, especially when the sun is at the perfect angle.  I'm just so addicted to those simple things like curling up together on the couch, wrapped up in each others arms and legs and just enjoying each others energy and comfort.  It was sublime.

Eventually though, you gotta eat.  So we went to dinner and came back here to watch a movie.  While my movie selection sucks ass, we didn't feel like walking to the we dealt with one of my lame ones.  I think it was just nice to sit and relax together.  He has an amazingly calm presence, and makes me feel so comfortable.  No feeling like I need to entertain or put on a show.  Did I forget to mention he showed up for the last minute evening with flowers?  Ugh, I melted when I opened the door.  I'm not a flaming queen by any means, but damn was he hot standing there with flowers and his shirt open down a few buttons, with jeans and flip flops.  I mean come on, give me a chance to breath a bit!  So sweet.  Anywho, I'm just kinda feeling that nervousness that one gets...when you're 12 and you like a boy, and you think he likes you back.  It's like, what's next?  

Well, we have a date on Wed...which I had planned to make him dinner here and watch a movie, but I have to think of something more exciting than a movie now since we did that Sunday.  So pressure is on.  Then, as if I wasn't already smitten, he texted me today asking if we could have a date Saturday too...because he doesn't have to work Sunday and he'll be able to really relax and stick around.  Wiped my schedule clear for that night!  :-)   My parents were coming into town for the day, but I'm having them come Friday night, so we can start the day earlier and hence they'll be on the road earlier.  I'm great at multi-tasking and can make a schedule like no one else...years of retail and restaurant management in my past lives. I'll fit in the gym too, you watch.  Speaking of...I've been rambling...while I've been texting and chatting on the phone, so it's that time tonight when I must go be a slave to the treadmill.  Gonna try and get in a longer run tonight if my body cooperates...actually, usually my mind is the weak part.  But, even just getting onto the thing is better than sitting here on my ass right?

Ok, MAN time....and boy are these men delicious!  WOOF!

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