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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Crazy week...feel so behind since my last post was Tuesday.  I had a great 2nd date!!  Great!  Just enough making out to ensure a third...without being sleazy and doing more.  He's a great kisser, which is a must.  Duh!  And we just had such an easy time talking through dinner and enjoyed a movie on my couch.  Really enjoy spending time with him and we have the third date set for Wednesday.  Possibly a quick drink tomorrow if he gets a work project out of the way in time.  That would just be icing on the cake.

This week was rough with work.  Very stressful stuff going down and I'm thrown in the middle of a war between owners.  Being the next in line from them means that all my teams are just looking at me for information and confidence in the security of their jobs.  It's hard to keep that face up all the time when I begin to question the same for myself.  It hit the fan this week for me though when I was called to testify in the court case between the two as they're battling over how to divide the business and who gets what.

 I'm so far on one of my boss's side that I essentially had to stare at the other and say in court that I would never work for him and if the court chose to give the business to him and force the other out I, along with the entire staff, would walk. Which is true...but considering that boss showed up to work Wednesday morning and just as crazy as ever went along like nothing is going on.  He wanted to talk to me about changes he made to my quickbooks settings and backups.'re trying to shut us down and wipe my teams jobs out by taking my other boss to the cleaners...and you're seriously acting like it's a normal day.  Stay home, wait for the verdict, take your share, and leave us the hell alone!   But alas, you can not expect normal behavior from crazy people.  No seriously, crazy.

So, now we one is allowed to talk until there is a verdict and no one knows when that will come.  You better be certain i'm lighting a candle of luck every night that it resolves in a matter of days. Let's move on and keep cranking the biz as we have been when crazy boss was on a 6 month leave...when we all loved coming to work.  Yeah, lets get back to that!

Ok...i've vented.  Here's some flocks of men to admire...and I have a drink date with a new guy tonight.  You gotta keep meeting people, ya know.  Who knows, I may meet my new best friend!

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