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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

I can smell and feel the coming of Fall...and I love it!  I'm really hoping we actually get a good long taste of it too.  Last year we blew from summer right into winter it felt like, so I'm really hoping for lots of days for my hoodies and no sign of snow for months.  I hate winter coats!  So freaking bulky, I hate that feeling.

Anywho, hoping for a calm day at the office today.  I'm just waiting for the day that I come in and all of the crazy guys stuff is gone and the end of that chapter for our clinic is over.  It will be like Christmas and Halloween combined...regardless of when it happens.  I just wanna see everyone's excitement and energy when it happens.  I want to be there when everyone finds out...and I want it to happen SOON!  I probably don't need to explain how awkward it is for me and the other co-worker who testified against have him there, acting like it's business as usual.  Creepy.

Back to the Fall topic.  The boys and I had a great walk...crisp, cool, and super comfortable.  They're staring at me for breakfast, but they have a few minutes til it's time.  I think I may be in such a chipper mood so early in the morning because I hit another 8 mile run last night on the 75 minutes!  My legs aren't any stiffer or sore today than normal...but I'm thinking that may come tomorrow.  I can taste 13 miles already, and I have til November til the half marathon.  If I can get there by the end of September, I'll have so much time to  just get myself even more comfortable with the concept...and confident with myself.

Ok...time to feed the pups and get going for work.  Hope your Tuesday is full of laughs and hotties.
Do I have to mention that I'm already craving my next tattoo...I may need to get a mini one in San Diego when I'm there for my friends wedding in November.  If I can hold out that long.  Just to have something on me from So Cal.  :-)

Enjoy the ink! - Rin

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