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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Over the Rainbow

Yes, another week down.  Thank Buddha!   I felt off this I lost a bit of the steam I had rolling along.  I think I could have been dealing with Pre-Manstration Syndrome.  And I think it's passed, hopefully.  I have been loving having the windows open and the air off...waking up to the crisp mornings.  But on the other hand, I think my allergies are flaring up and my throat is itchy.  God...maybe my bitching hasn't completely cleared out yet, but I'll be sure to start off on a fresh start tomorrow...yeah, tomorrow.  

I had a good gym day yesterday over my lunch break, so at least I got a bit of stress relief there.  The weather planner has caused my lesbos and I to reconsider our weekend up in the woods as we all really don't wanna sit in a cabin staring at each other with 5 damp dogs looking bored to tears.  So, we'll just have to grab it a weekend later this fall...which may be more fun because it'll be cooler and we can crank on the fireplace.  I do have a shit load of stuff I need to accomplish here, so I plan on making a list tonight and checking it off through the weekend.  I have a new art piece I've been wanting to start, a chandelier to rehang, and a pub table to find and purchase.  Among the usual gym, farmers market, and dog events.  

The Friday before a holiday weekend is always insanely crazy at my office....because we're closed through the weekend and everyone just notices that they need to get taken care of today.  I'm thinking it may be a "Buy the staff lunch" day since we will probably be working through without time to run out and score food.  But I'm hoping no disasters occur and we can just power through it.  Then the fun can start.  And on the good side of not going away this weekend is more time hanging with my Mr.  Very excited to see him again and just enjoy where the path takes us.  But alas, I must feed the dogs, shower, and dress myself for work.  At least I can wear jeans today.  :-)

Here's a rainbow of britches....and lovely ones at that!  - Rin 

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