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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wide Eyed Wednesday

Yesterday got to me and I realized I missed one of my fave days filled with inked men...damn it Tuesday!  Work was hay-nus!  My crazy boss is clinically out of control...and now a public document surfaced that is a legal reprimand against his lawyer for another case he was involved in where he threatened the defendant and was found to be making clearly erroneous and fabricated claims just to have a case to file.  So that is the lawyer crazy boss is working with...that is why this case will never end...and I must walk from a job I love.  Now, full on job hunt.  No holds bar!

But I slept in, so that's all the sharing I have time for...until next time, enjoy these wide eyed hotties and think of your happy place.  - Rin 

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