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Monday, November 28, 2011

MANdatory Monday

Ah Monday.  Especially after 4 days feels like maybe, just maybe, it's not real.  But I checked the calendar on my phone and it is.  Blurgh.  But upside, it's another week, and maybe this is the week of new beginnings at work.  Please let it be...let it be...let it be...let it...whisper words, oops...tangent.  I'm back!  It's oddly warm out, and this mornings walk on the trail was lovely.  Hoodie and jeans, my two boys, and the calm creek were a great way to start the day.  Had an early early breakfast with Mr. this morning before he headed off on another epic day.

Yesterday we puttered around with definite goals, but not finding everything we were looking for, so we ended up at 3 grocery stores and a massive amount of weekly goods...hopefully bi weekly at that rate.  But once we unpacked it all, we realized how much good stuff we bought...healthy, real food.  Which is never cheap.  Shouldn't it be though...shouldn't we pay less for stuff that isn't chemically engineered into food...why do we pay less for that stuff?  Weird.

 Last week we read an article on how the term cellulose fiber used in food is actually wood pulp...and then read a list of all the foods that use it.  Luckily only one thing in our house was listed, but still...the items were wide spread.  Fat Free creamer, low fat cookies, anything reduced fat that still had a thick or creamy consistency...wood pulp was sure to be found.  So, here we are, fat americans, raising fat kids...but telling them they should eat healthy...and we're feeding them wood pulp.  Awesomesauce.  It's kinda sad that my dogs eat better ingredients in their food than most children.  Very sad.  But pet foods is an entirely different topic that I could go on for days about.  Bottom line, read the ingredients!

Ok, must prep and get into work.  Early in, Early out makes for a happy Rin.  - Peach and Love...And Men :-)

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