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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Abs Fabs

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying, "What the's December?!?!"  Seriously, I'm not 80 years old, and saying this makes me feel that old...but time is flying by!  It's been such a crazy year, and here we are at the last 30 days of it...amazing.'s gone. And onto the next year of amazingness...with hopefully more solid footing on the career front fo sho.

No  movement on the job front here, but I think the shit will hit the fan at work tomorrow...with good boss confronting douche-hole on how he's been treating me and making threats that are obviously rooted in his unprofessional response to my statements made e to court.  I'm not one to threaten the hand of law, but in this situation I do have a lot to go on.  But alas, I'm not wanting to open that can, especially when douche-hole obviously thrives on that sort of thing and has found an equally crazy lawyer to support his psycho ideas of superiority and lofty ego.

So, I continue to throw the old resumes out the door hoping someone grabs on and reels me in.  While I would love to stay, with one sane boss, and see the office at it's best...and on an actual clear path...the idea of a new start with new potential is beginning to excite me.  I never fear actually usually fuels me to be better, so I see this moment as one of those great leaps of taking on bigger and better things.  So, here's to that.  Of course, I still bought lottery tickets hoping to just win big and tell everyone to eat it....cuz i'm going on a perma vacay!!!  Cross your fingers and legs on that wish!

Mr. is working again...on his day off.  Tis the season of making peoples homes and events fabulous.  I made homemade pizza dough, it's on its second rise.  I'm hoping that he can get out in time to enjoy it fresh from the oven, but at least it'll still be yummy tomorrow.  It'll be dressed with olive oil, mozz, spinach, pesto chickan sausage, and a few dollops of ricotta. hungry!  I took my boys on a really fun new hike on a very unmarked trail.  I may have even been off the trail to be honest.  up through the woods with all the leaves covering the ground.  They get so excited when I give them the cue to go up off the paved path.  Like sending search dogs off on the hunt for a criminal.  So, I'm ready to eat after that type of off roading.

Here's some fab abs to get you through the evening. - Rin