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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

So, the official word from Dell Tech laptop needs a new hard drive.  I was unable to recover any of my documents or my entire archive of photos.  Gah!  I have some documents on a back-up with the ex, and I'm thinking he may want to see the dogs in exchange for the files...but I haven't asked yet.  I was hoping to find them so I didn't have to go there.  Of course, he could put them on a cd and just send them to me, but he hasn't offered.  But, the good warranty expired in ten days.  If I had been busy with work or just not using my laptop that day...and not up on the fact that my warranty was expiring, it could have been a much worse situation.  The thing is only a year, it would have been a very expensive paperweight! 

Anywho, I'm resolved to the fact that what's lost is just info that had no value and that what was valuable enough, I will remember, and recreate.  As for the photos...I will just have to start a new archive for the blog...which just means I have an excuse to peak around and enjoy the finds.  This time around I'm going to do a much more thorough job organizing them though.  It'll make keeping up with things on here much more efficient.  So, I need to get out the door.  Boys are walked and fed...Mr. is off to his first day at the new gig...and I am caffeinated.  Thanks for sticking up with me!  I have some fun plans in the works...and a new blog with Mr. coming together.  Keep an eye out for me!  It's all around the corner, I just have to keep moving to figure out which fucking corner. 

Booyah! - Rin




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