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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Couch Dreams

Ah Sunday.  Survived the visit from my parental units and Mr., as expected, was adored and loved by both of them.  I took the rents to my fave breakfast place and then we popped downtown to the modern art museum.  There were a few inspiring pieces and an amazing collection of screen prints from Warhol that spanned an entire floor stacked one after the other.  All based on a single shadow in his apartment in Soho.  Crazy how all together they created this huge piece of art, but alone were just a shadow and some different paint colors.  Then we popped into the American Indian Museum and the building itself is almost enough of a reason to go...beautiful.

After a quick bite to eat at my fave little cafe we did some couch time and a walk with  my kids on the trail.  Then we popped over to a lovely little upscale Irish restaurant and pub and had a delish meal!  I slept on the couch with my two boys (of course the dog's couch was completely empty most of the night) and actually didn't sleep to poorly.  My folks are headed off to the beach house now and the kids and I may just be in for a late morning, post coffee nap.  Mr. is off at Yoga and I think will be doing a double class because he's just that amazing.  I think once it warms up a bit I'll hit the trail alone for a run so I don't feel like such a loaf.  Tonight I'm hosting dinner for the lesbos and Mr. and making a Beer Butt Chicken.  I just have to find a can of beer that isn't crap.  I thought I could get a six pack of soda, and a twelve pack of good bottled beer, and just empty a soda and use the can for the good beer.  I think that's probably my best bet.  I don't want my good chicken to taste like ass beer.

Anywho, that's where I stand...just some relaxing chill time today with friends and my dogs...and a bit of running in between.  Hoping for a week of clarity and resolutions at work.  With another court date on the horizon between my feuding bosses, but no actual day set, I'm just lucky if I can get through the week without getting a subpoena.  Blurgh.  - Rin

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