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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Blur

Today was a crazy day.  Up at 5 am to make breakfast for Mr.  Walked my pooches on a foggy drizzly path.  Then hit work early...even before I had any coffee!  Dangerous considering I was behind the wheel of an suv without caffeine in my system.  We had a slightly short day at the office, but we didn't block off our normal lunch, so it was straight through, making it seem longer than normal oddly.  I popped home for another doggy hike and a few house chores before I hit the road to Bikram again.  Really trying to get 4 classes in this week.  Which means I have Friday and Saturday back to back...which will be a joy.

Came home and Mr. had just gotten home from work...another 12 hour day for him.  There are apparently plenty of projects flowing his his first full week at the new gig.  Of course, his second day they informed him he was at an even higher role than he originally thought, so I think the hours are still on that cloud of awesomeness.  So excited for him!

After I drove home from yoga...with my moonroof and windows down so that I wouldn't steam up the inside of  the windows, I realized I didn't have all the ingredients for the pecan bars I was making for tomorrow's meal.  I was planning on splitting a batch between Mr's family and mine...easier to split bars than a pie.  :-)  Anywho, went to the store...realized when I got out of the car I just put my track pants on with no trunks...oops, should have tied them tighter.  :-)  But I think the show was missed by most, so I was able to pop in and out...of the store.  :-)

So, that's where I am now...they're on their last few minutes.  Dogs are on either side of me curled up on the couch, and Mr. is passed out in bed.  It's a blur...but a good one considering Work is 4 days away and I get to dig into some stuffing tomorrow..guilt free on the back of some pretty intense yoga! If you haven't checked out a Bikram class...look one up locally, and go.  It's amazing.  Even if you just  lay there in the room for the 90 minutes, you will feel good.

Ok...gotta hit the bed so I'm fresh for the in-laws.  I am the new jungle gym for the kids I have to be up and ready for that adventure.

Peace and Happy Turkey Day!!! - Rin

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