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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Back to the real grind...a 5 day work week, and trying to make a routine of things.  I've been just playing catch up along the way with the gym and feel like I am right on the fence with keeping my dogs active enough to stay well balanced.  Life always challenges you just when you need that extra push doesn't it. I feel like my frustrations at work may just be a part of what's necessary to make me get myself moving up in life.  I guess it sometimes takes people completely undervaluing you to actually see how valuable you actually are.  If people just gave you the bare minimum of what you need to get by and feel happy, you wouldn't have the deep desire to push yourself.  But when you're completely slapped in the face by people you've stuck up for and fought for, you just see yourself in a new light.  You see your value and have the drive to realize your worth.

So, I am on that path.  I have the support of an amazing person in my life, and feel like together we can pretty much make anything happen.  He's inspiring and enlightening and brings so much life to every day for me.  It's as if I've been completely shaken awake every morning.  I see my future with so much more life in it.  I was nervous for his reaction to this whole blog, but I shared it with him over the weekend and all is good.  Not sure why I was worried, but I just wasn't sure how it may be perceived.  Now he and I are just trying to figure out how we can create a joint blog and how to structure it or what to focus it on.  Stop with the thoughts of amateur videos of us, we're not going there.  And we realize we're not going to start the latest and greatest blog on what's happening with the new hot spots...since we so often camp out after dinner and just enjoy chill time together.  We're not the hipster gay scene types...been a club kid...don't feel like going back.  And to be honest, I don't have the energy or tolerance.

So, hopefully we'll decide soon and get that blog up and running.  I'm excited to see what kind of creative concept we'll end up with considering our individual artistic perspectives and our seemingly singular aesthetic.   As that moves forward, so do my plans for a new careers, his plans to continue to develop his, and our plans to share a home together at some point.  I can't wait for it all!  And yet I want time to slow down when we're together...I want to be awake to capture every last minute.   Last evening we popped over to the Rockstar lesbos house and sat around a firepit in their front yard to hand out halloween candy.  It was so fun!  We just chilled with beer and relaxed and joked as the kids flowed down the street.  I threw on my wig from last years costume and a few other props and just went with it.  So different than the days of party prep and days of clean up I used to do.  So much better this year!!

Well, for now it's back to the grind.  One more dog walk tonight, finish up my dinner dishes, and get to bed to get some real sleep.  I am putting off laundry another night...just don't have the mindset for it tonight.  Maybe Thursday?  Oh well, it'll get done.

I wish a happy and laughter filled week for everyone!    - Rin

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