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Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's all in Black and White

There was a lot of giving thanks on facebook this week huh?  A lot.  So, it just keeps it fresh in your mind as to the things that come into your life that have such a huge impact and that without them, you may never have even dreamed of where you've been or where you'll end up going. I wish we had that weekly reminder every week...through the entire year.  To make sure we don't have a week where work, horrendous drivers, rude grocery store patrons, or insane coworkers make us dull to the gifts we have.  I think everyone deserves a good vent and a chance to complain without regret, but I think sometimes we get caught up in that space and that energy, and forget to revert back to recognizing everything that is right with ourselves and the lives we create.

I think we've grown so comfortable with the complaint that it's become the norm.  Do we ever call customer service lines after we've had amazing customer service, just to share...nope, we call when it goes wrong.  Do we often see people leaving yelp reviews when it's good...sometimes, but those are often the short ones.  I think if as a society we switched how we think, and really stopped to recognize when things are good, we would all be in a much better mood at the end of the day.  So, before it can be considered a new years resolution, and fade away by March, I'm going to focus on recognizing the good things.  If I get great service at a restaurant, i'm going to call back and tell the Manager.  If I get a survey after I receive a service...I'm going to fill it out in great detail if the service was good.  That's my plan at least.

Now, onto this morning.  My first shared day off with Mr. since Thursday...which doesn't count because I had to share him with family, and then had to leave at noon to head to mine.  So, I slipped out of bed earlier to walk and feed the kids (my boxer boys), and then slipped back into bed to enjoy the quiet morning. Now, I'm up again, brewed some Pete's coffee, a little taste from San Diego, and am on the couch watching out the back as the sun rises.  I truly love Fall.  I admit it...I missed it in San Diego.  But, I'd still move back and just make a point to go north for a week each Fall to get my taste of it.  :-)  Really looking forward to the day.  We are in the market for some vintage, velvety, wingback chairs for our living room and a pub height dining table.  I've  been avoiding shopping all week, because I hate crowds, and I don't mind paying a little extra to avoid Black Friday is not my thing.  After running 5 retail stores at once, across 3 states...I shudder at the thought of setting an alarm clock to go shopping in time for deals.  Unless I'm earning a bonus from being there and exceeding my plan numbers, I'm sleeping in and ordering shit online.

Ok, so you realize I had no plans of not being honest or avoiding sarcasm when I said I was going to focus on all the good things...ok, just so we're clear.  Time for a refill of the ol' joe and some puppy cuddles.  Have a peaceful Sunday.  - Rin

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