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Friday, November 25, 2011

Legalize Gay.

Had to share this.  It is time...past time to be exact.

I had a whirlwind day and am very much looking forward to Mr's return from his marathon work day.  We had breakfast at his rents house yesterday with his brothers family and enjoyed the parade and show the kids always put on.  I was the selected hide and seek partner for the kids...although the fact that they responded everytime I said. "ready or not here I come" made it a bit of an easy game.  After that I headed about 2 hours away to my parent's house for dinner with my aunts and my rents.  It's weird to think that in the past we would have 25-30 people at our house for holidays...and now we're down to me, my three aunts, and my rents.  Weird, but it was nice...and the red wine flowed freely fo sho.

But I buzzed back home this morning with the boys and got them settled in before I headed off to another Bikram class.  It was a great class and I left feeling really good.  Came home, cut my hair, walked the boys on the trail, and napped a bit.  Now I'm just in our little zenpod waiting for my guy so I can make him some food and we can snuggle til we fall asleep.  Really looking forward to his day off on Sunday.  Sleeping in for sure! My boys are sleeping away and it's quiet...really quiet.  I love that about my place.  Definitely a characteristic I hope to find when Mr. and I start looking.

Ok, just had to pop on and post this video...really touching and very much on my mind.  - Rin

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