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Monday, November 21, 2011

MANdatory Monday's been a whirlwind few days.  Took a few half days last week just to give myself a  breather.  I have so many vacation days and sick hours I figured it was wise to start using them up.  If I end up busting out of my current gig, I know those sick hours will be eaten up by ahole owner in a heartbeat.  Still frustrated that my good boss won't stand up for me and give me the third quarter bonus I earned.  I'm pretty sure it's illegal to hold a bonus back considering the guy that is holding it back is the guy I testified against in court in August...and the guy still claiming to be part owner and do whatever destruction to the business as he can before the final court date to get him out.  There's a good chance I won't be there to see that day...and i'm hoping that my staff sticks with it long enough for me to be the first ball to start rolling away.  I don't want to to start hiring people in when I'm planning on busting out.  Just feels weird interviewing people and selling the place at such a f-ed up time in the business.

Anywho...Mr. is wonderful and has been so helpful in keeping my mind from spinning out of control with the work bullshit.  We had a great date day last Thursday and did the zoo...with a behind the scenes elephant experience where we got up close and personal with them.  Watched their bathes and training sessions, and got to give one a good pet too.  We went super early so it was stunningly quiet and we could just wonder the zoo with no screaming children and really see the animals.  The apes and orangutans were amazing.  They were feeding their breakfasts and so they were really active and since we were the only ones in the entire building other than the keepers, it was amazeballs.  The apes were interacting with us just sitting watching them. While I do feel it's sad that they have to live in captivity, I am grateful they do not have to struggle with their habitats being burned and destroyed.  It's a weird mess we've made of things for sure.

Last evening we wrapped up the weekend by hitting up a Bikram class.  Mr. and I oddly used to go to the same studio a little over a year ago, but never ran into each other.  Then he started at a new studio that opened closer to his house and I moved on and joined the gym.  Luckily we now have that to share and it's so much better walking out and coming home with company to share the yoga coma with.  He of course is a master and was at one point thinking of doing the competitions for bikram and almost at the teacher level...I'm bendy, but i certainly have my limits as to how many classes I could take in a week...and I certainly wouldn't do two in a row like he does...that's like burning 3000 calories in 3 hours.  Cri-zazy-ness.

So, it's Monday...and thankfully i work 2.5 days this week.  Going to do Thanksgiving breakfast with Mr's family and then swing by our place to pick up the dogs and head up to my parents house for an evening meal.  I haven't seen my aunts in a bit and it'll be nice to just catch up with the fam.  My rents are doing a yard sale on black a last ditch effort to thin out the goods before they put their house on the market and move to the beach full time.  I have no intentions of working a yard i'll be spinning back home for sure.

Ok, peace and love.  Oh, duh...they sent a tech guy to my house..replaced my hard drive...and so I'm up and running.  Of entire photo archive was bear with my pics for a bit until I have time to build up a new collection.

- Rin

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