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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

Good Morning!  Up and at em again.  This time with a bit more sunlight to make it all seem less difficult. This week is off to a good start and I'm not going to let it change directions.  Mr. is looking for a career bump into a more fitted position for his craft and so decided to get some resumes out and see how it less than 8 hours he had a two interviews, a working design challenge interview scheduled, and two additional interviews lined up just for this week.  Obviously the world sees him as just as amazing as I do. 

 I'm very excited for his next step and I think it will only motivate me to make mine.  I have been slipping resumes out to any opportunity that fits with my experience, but I may move in his direction and get them out to any of the businesses that share my goals whether they're listing an opening or not.  There are lots of businesses within my field, but unfortunately each typically only has one of my positions, and typically that person rarely goes anywhere if it's a good practice with good Dr.'s .  So, there's the pickle!  But, I must keep moving forward...because A-hole isn't going anywhere in my mind...he's only been putting more signs out that he has no intention of breaking away from the business.  *gag*'s Tuesday...and once again the Tattoo pictures only make me want to keep going with mine.  And my coffee isn't working I also want to get back into bed and wake up when it's Thursday.  But alas, I must get moving and just hope the coffee kicks in before I get in the car and turn the seat warmers on...because that'll put me into a dreamland for sure. 

bon chance - Rin 

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