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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fresh Fall Start

Happy Sunday!!!  It's been quite the week.  Mr. went from two job offers the day after submitting resumes, to a third and amazing offer on Thursday.  Taking that one of course, and in an effort to retain the connections with the better of the other two may be pulling some side work with them through the holiday.  Amazed and not at all surprised by his ability to decide to move his life forward and have it unwrap itself so quickly and in such a positive direction.   He was on his 6th day in a row of we've joked that all I have to do to set myself ablaze is to do that.  I've done three in a week and that was intense, so we'll see if I can muster my schedule and get an entire week in.  I think I'll wait until he's at least had a week or two in at his new job so we can iron out how our schedules will line up. 

I came home on Friday to him having completely cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and he was already finishing up the entire stack of laundry.  I can honestly say I was kinda in a daze at how amazing it felt to have someone who was so intuitively thoughtful and willing to just step up and help out without being asked.  He had walked my kids too!!  They were just chilling and relaxed when I popped in the feeling that I had to rush myself to get them walked.  Delightful way to end the week and start the weekend!  After a dinner at a local joint and a few good beers, we came home and continued the cleaning adventure by disassembling the dog's couch and taking it out to the dumpster.  We've been talking about replacing it with two vintage wingback armchairs, so we figured we should clear the space and make room.  We wore hoodies and snuck the couch out in the dark because we were worried people would complain about it if it was sticking out of the dumpster.  Oddly it was gone yesterday morning, so either someone dug it out, or they came on Saturday for the dumpster.  At least it's done and the space is ready for us to find some cool chairs. 

Today I've been doing more cleaning...hung some shelves and created a mini pantry in one of my hall closets to make more room in the kitchen and went through a huge stack of paperwork.  I'm going to be posting my two saxaphones on craigslist to get them out of storage...I have no plans on using them, so why not get some cash before the holidays.  And then I think I'll zone out a bit.  Met up with a friend and her three dogs and we hiked all of our kids through the woods and around a few trails.  My boys are already knocked out and snoring.  That's about all for me this weekend...on to another week, and hopefully some new doors opening!  I planned a secret date for Mr. and I on Thursday...and we're going to see a Cirque show in Wednesday, so it should be a fun 4 day work week. 

Peace - Rin

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