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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Third Wheel Thursdays

Beautiful evening with Mr. last night.  We couldn't sleep so we just laid in bed sharing stories of our past and laughing.  It's moments like those that I just wish time would stand still so I could take even more in...memorize even more about where we are, who we are, and the excitement we feel so that we can carry it all with us into tomorrow.  Capturing moments like that is fuel for life.  They carry us through the tough days...through the tears...and create the strength that builds even greater bonds.   I can honestly say I've never felt this alive in love and with another.  Maybe I've said it already, but it's just unreal how it hits me each day in a different way or how it catches me off guard and steals my breath.  When he grabs my hand, it's as if I've just been picked up and moved a million miles away.  I want that to never change!

I'm super excited that this weekend my parental units are headed down and will finally meet Mr.  I know they will love him and I know he will get a kick out of meeting them and seeing why I'm the ball of quirky that I am.  My parents are quite fun characters and I think it will be fun to see the night unfold.  My mom hasn't seen the little home I've created for myself in my new space and I am excited to get a chance to share it with her and show them around my little neighborhood.  Taking them to my favorite breakfast place and will spend some time downtown at a few art exhibits.  Of course my mom has requested to get out onto the trail with my dogs too so I'm hoping for a nice fall day like today was.

Well, I'm up early tomorrow for another dog walk in the dark before an early morning at the office.  Luckily it'll be brighter in the mornings once we roll back the clocks this weekend.  I don't mind the dark morning walks with the headlamp...just prefer to actually see more than 30' in front of me.  At least it's Friday!  P.S.  The pics below have nothing to do with how I feel about me and Mr.  I am not sharing him...we're a pair, not a pack!!!!   toots - Rin

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