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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

Serenity Now!  It's going to take a lot of Bikram Yoga to get me through this week I think...and it's only 1.5 days of work.  Douche owner is in full throttle now that good owner is out of the country for the week visiting family.  It's like he's fed extra power trips in the morning when he knows he's the only owner on site.  It's about all I can take.  Don't tell me I did your job wrong considering I was never trained, nor was I asked to take on your responsibilities when you disappeared on "medical" leave while your lawyers were finding ways to keep you around...and especially don't nit pick on my work when you're in the office now and I'm still doing your job and not getting paid to do it.

I recognize that I can never just sit and wait for opportunity to knock...but I would be thrilled to at least hear its footsteps approaching my door!  Please!

So burnt on the's beyond words.  I am throwing out my resume to the opportunities that I find...and hoping something sticks soon.  I have one potential bright spot, but not sure how their timing is on bringing someone on board.  They at least have my info and have let me know I will hear from them just never know what their "soon" is.  I was told three years ago that douche owner would be leaving "soon" and everything would be great...three years and counting is NOT SOON enough for me.  Clearly...I'm using all caps here people...I need a drink.

Thankfully days like this end and I can come home to my zen space, walk my boys in the drizzle and dusky fog, and clear my head.  I just have to stay focused and realize that while I have put myself completely into my position, with the clear plan to continue to build the business and see it grow into what it can truly be...that I may need to just take it as a lesson and move on.  As frustrating as that is for me.  Especially considering all of my staff have put in just as much heart and soul and will clearly be moving on if things don't change.  It's even more frustrating considering how well things work and how great we all get things done when wackadoo owner is when a black cloud lifts and things just roll along so well.

Ok, I'm rambling.  Just trying to get it out so I don't carry it with me.  I want to enjoy the short week and get into the long weekend in a good place.  I have so much to be thankful for during this season and I really am focused on keeping those things in my mind and heart and hoping that the positive energy moves into my work sector.  And I can't wait for stuffing and pie!!!  Bring it!

Cheerio - Rin

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