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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Right to Bear Arms

Countdown to Christmas!  Loving the holiday season this year, which is a bit odd for me.  But I'm just going to roll with it.  Today I'm not going to make any major self induced pressured I'm just going with the flow.  Hoping Mr. gets off early enough to make it to a show we've been wanting to see tonight.  We were bummed not to make it last night, but I just found out it's playing tonight too.  Fingers crossed.

Anywho, up for another cup of coffee and then onto something else I'm sure.  I can't find my good set of art pencils and pencil sharpener and it's driving me nuts.  I can see it in my hands the last time I used it, and i've looked at all the usual and unusual places I put things and still it's nowhere to be found.  I wonder if the underpants gnomes took it.  Damn them!  I have to find the sharpener so I can get one of my little art projects farther along.  I'm going to get more caffeine in me to fuel my hunt.  Things may get kray kray up in here.

Mkay...happy weekend - Rin

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