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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hats & Hoodies

It's been a week for sure.  Interviews and lots of decisions to be made.  The stress of it all sometimes just makes me wanna curl up and hibernate til spring.  Which is why I had hats and hoodies on my mind when I was going through my images.  Love them both this time of year.  I am planning of day of staying in, cleaning, baking, and overall purging to help me get a clear mind for the choices ahead.  Had a great second interview on Friday and really clicked with the actual person that would be my boss at the new gig.  We definitely had a great rapport from the start and my thoughts as far as my career path the company were the ones she had followed and is now making another move to get to her final desired spot on the corporate ladder.  So, I felt confident that if I took the position she'd be a great partner in getting me the connections to get to the role that I'd like to be in down the line.  She was very confident in the fact that I'd have the tools and support I'd need if I wanted them.  

So, I just have to weigh the fact that it will mean a bit of a drive, which I just gave up in May when I moved closer to my current job, and a more fluxuating schedule than I've been working. But Mr. made a good point...20 minutes more frustration in the car in the morning or a 2 minute commute and a day of frustration with douchehole boss breathing down your back.  You see the clarity I found in that image.  :-)  But, I'm going to make a visit to the location and do a sneak peak and see what vibe I get.  Then we can talk numbers and see if it makes sense.  

So, this weekend is about cleaning up and getting ready for what may be a great new start.  And baking...I have to have something in the oven if I'm buzzing around cleaning.  It just makes sense.  :-) 

Cheers to the weekend and the beautiful last full moon of the year we had last night.  It was gorge, and the sign of new beginnings I'm hoping.  - Rin  

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