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Monday, December 12, 2011

MANdatory Monday

And we're back to Monday.  Like a never ending cycle.  Wishing for the weekend the entire week...and then seeing it go by in a flash.  I remember loving the weekdays.  Blurgh, I'm too young to be feeling like this.  Something will give soon and doors will open.  Bummed I was not feeling the visit to the location they basically offered me...just felt like it wasn't the right fit and would be like going from one bad gig to another...just bad for different reasons.  I'm going to discuss with the woman who would bring me on and see what her thoughts are when I share mine.  Maybe another opportunity is around she'll be able to work me into.  I am grateful that the ball is rolling at least...and there is potential in the future.

So, walked the boys this morning in the frosty air and crispy leaves.  Definitely time to default to gloves and just carry them if I'm lucky enough not to need them.  This is my first winter in my condo...and while I have a patio I could check the temp on...I often wait til I get myself and my dogs down three flights of stairs and out to realize I was not dressed for a hike.  But I think I'm resigned to the fact that I need to just bundle, and carry what I don't need.  Yes, it's winter.

Good thing is I'm rolling along on everyone's gifts.  I always make a fair share of what I give to friends and family.  I'm going to do some granola starter kits and make some home made bath salts and fizzy bath balls.  Also doing something cool for the lesbos that I think they'll really like.  Excited to see how it comes out.  Mr. is done besides some odds and ends...but I can't share too much in case he pops on and checks in here. I like to keep things a surprise when I can.

Ok, coffee is calling and I need to have a bit of downtime before I trek in to the unknown that is my workplace atmosphere.  Good boss asked that I block him out for the day and reschedule all of his appointments, which is odd, so maybe there's an unknown court date that I can hope will be the end to the madness.  But I'm not going to count my chickens before that egg hatches!

Lots of warmth - Rin

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