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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shades of Gray

Not feeling very bright and colorful today...hence the b&w below.  But the guys do make it look pretty amazing.  Not sure what's bumming me out..but it may just be seasonal affect disorder...haha...seriously, I love winter, but the sun is needed.  I think I'm just emotionally exhausted and not having much time with Mr. to unwind and just share the moments where can just let go of all that weighs you down is taking its toll. 

We had a nice dinner tonight and just came back home after a swing by the mall.  I'm not looking forward to it being Monday already...I crawled into bed and got out and came into the living room because I couldn't bare the fact that when I woke up it would be Monday.  I know, I'm bumming myself out...stop already right?  Ok.  It will be an amazing week...filled with new adventures, new opportunities, and new friends...and douche-hole boss will be gone for good before weeks end.  Yes, that is a better note to fall asleep on. 

Mkay...peace out. - Rin

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