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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ho Ho Ho-down!

So excited.  Just home, walked the dogs, and now Xmas break can finally begin.  Sure, it's only 3 days for me...but's a break!  Mr. just walked in with a palm tree the size of the Washington Monument...for our condo.  I'm going to have to do some creative arranging to find room for this sucker.  It's almost brushing the ceiling...and they're 10' tall.  Anywho...i'll do my best to find it a happy place to live and try and keep it alive.  My other plants are doing well so far...and my orchid is actually sprouting new leaves and hopefully will shoot  another stem for buds out soon.

So, it'll be a whirlwind weekend between trying to relax and trying to bounce from family function to family function, but I'm still super excited.  Headed out to do a bit of shopping tonight...mostly parental gifts and wrapping paper.  I love wrapping presents!  Bring out the ribbons, bows, and shiny shit.

This week has been a crazy one fo sho and I'm so glad I survived without imploding from people's bullshit at work.  You'd think the clients would cause the most drama, but not this week.  And it was even harder to deal with since I'm sitting on some good news that I am taking the weekend to make a final call on...butt let's just say it's leaning towards a new path and a new beginning...with a huge amount of growth potential.  It's just always scary thinking about starting fresh...even when the current situation is so unbearably ridiculous at times.
Anywho...must feed the pups and figure out what is in store for this evenings adventures.

Happy last minute prep to all - Rin

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