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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Buzz

First call back!!!  Let em roll in!  Called them back and already have an in person interview set for Tuesday.  They said they have multiple positions that they feel fit with my background and experience and think that from my resume I'd be a great fit in any of them.  Woop Woop!  And on top of's Friday!  So, to celebrate I left work way early.  Buzzed home.  Grabbed the boys and hit the trail.  Took a long hike and found a path back along the cutest little nature center near my house.  It's tucked in the hill along the creek and apparently is used for school groups and education programs.  Either way the boys had a blast lifting their leg on any log or leaf they sniffed and exploring the new path.  

Back in my little zen pod and brewing a pot of decaf for the evening.  I am hoping Mr. gets home soon so we can have the evening.  He arrived home last night just as I was pulling the home made pizza out of the oven.  The dough came out great.  I mixed in some garlic and rosemary and let it rise twice.  Baked up like focaccia and then topped with pesto chicken sausage, mozz, spinach, and roasted peppers.  Mmmm...I want more.  Making risotto stuff peppers and accorn squash tonight.  Speaking of, I should get that rolling.  After a sip of coffee and a cuddle with my couch pillow.  mmm...nap!

Mkay.  Happy Friday.  Happy Weekend.

- Rin


  1. Nice work getting the interview :) sounds like they'd be lucky to have you.
    I am massively jealous of that pizza...

  2. Thanks!! Hopefully it is a new jump in the right direction. And I just posted the recipe for that pizza...and a pic. Whip one up! :-)