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Monday, December 5, 2011

Strapping Monday

 This week will be intense.  I am watching over the Rockstar Lesbos house and their three dogs.  If that weren't enough on top of my two boys...their landlord decided to fix a monthlong leak the day they left and left me with no bathroom at their house or a usable kitchen.  So, I'm playing the two house and 5 dog game of going back and fourth 4 times a day to make sure everyone has their needs covered.  Walked my boys on my lunch and then after I went back to work I went to their house and walked and fed theirs.  Then back to my place to feed mine.  When all the dogs are settled I actually was able to eat and then head to the grocery store to stock up on some needs for the week.

Mr. always has a long Monday, and I'm thinking this week, and every week through the new year will be long day after long day for him.  He just keeps trucking along!  I'm worn out just thinking about his schedule.  Now...onto my new path.  I have my first interview of the week tomorrow.  Looking forward to it.  Going to pop out of work early, come home, walk my boys, and change for my interview.  Change is a coming!

In preparation for the new adventure, I better strap in and step up.  Like these hot things!  Isn't the jockstrap just the greatest thing since sliced bread?  I think so at least...and so does Mr.!

Cheers - Rin

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