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Friday, December 23, 2011

Stop on Red

 Tis the season.  Mr and I did dinner last evening...and then proceeded to run last minute shopping errands.  Wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue, oh my.  Exhausting, but had tons of fun making the best of it.  Woke up this morning and snuck of bed to walk the boys and let Mr. get some more sleep.  Made a dark French Press and just enjoying the view from my couch.  It's too warm to be Christmas for sure.  But I'm pretending  it's cold enough for a fuzzy blanket and doggie cuddles with my coffee.  I know I love warm weather, but when you live somewhere where it is supposed to be cold at Christmas, it just feels weird.  Of course I'd take the beach walk on Christmas Day that I used to do with my dogs too...and add in Mr to make it perfect.

He's stirring, so I must go figure out what we're doing for breakfast...I know a Bikram class was in the plans, but sleeping in and that doesn't always go hand in hand.

I hope ya'll got your gifts all lined up cuz it's the final countdown now.  Lot's of shopping luck and plenty of cookies for all - Rin

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