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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Omg it's been too long!  I cringed when i finally signed in wondering if my blog would still be there or if it was overtaken by cobbwebs and pictures of lady bits...ewww.   So i literally installed and set up my internet and wi-fi in my new condo 13 minutes ago...where do I come first, yes here!  I missed this so much.  And boy have there been life stories to share.  I may have to take a day off to construct a pictogram of the last month and a half.  It's been amazeballs...with a few emotional turns, but overall insanely inspiring and motivational.

To start...I joined the gym again.  Without the weight and added responsibilities involved in catoring and fostering a relationship that no one else was tending to, I'm seeing serious results.  I've been running 6 days a week and lifting at least 5.  Adjusting my work schedule when I have to to go at lunch, and just really loving every bit of it.  I'm down 25 pounds, and starting to see the proof that I'm actually doing weights.  I have a ways to go, but people are responding and I think i'm just presenting myself in a much more open and confident way.

My dogs have taken to my new condo like they were meant for a more urban lifestyle.  Even though I am right by a city, I have amazing wooded hiking trails all around and it's been so great taking advantage of them with the pups.  They have totally settled in to a single parent household...which they were pretty much in anyway, but I am thrilled that I've been able to ramp up my social life and time out of the house while still keeping them fit, trained, and extremely happy.  We do play dates with the friends dogs and the trails get them going every morning and night.

So...all that leaves is work and boys.  Ups and downs on both fronts...but work is ramping up well. Blurgh.  I'm still single, and thinking more recently I just need to enjoy the freedom and be a bit less focused on meeting mr right...and just get with mr right now...and mr a bit later...and mr maybe tomorrow at lunch.
I will share more of my life lessons from my recent adventures, and maybe spill the beans on some dirt too. Till then i'm going to enjoy some of these man pics and feed my beasts...the dogs, not the men lined up out front.  :-)

Cheers...and thanks for hangin round for me to get my shit together.  I'm really planning to ramp up!

- Rin


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