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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Night Bites

So, after a crazy week...and then today having one more employee bust themselves up and need time off...i had an amazing dinner date.  Such a charmer, and gorgeous.  Full sleeves in black and overload.  Sweet and we just had a vibe the entire night.  He made me feel so relaxed and giggly.  We sat outside on a busy street to people watching!  We seemed to key in on the same passerby's too without even saying anything we knew who we were watching and what smart ass comment we were each going to throw on the table. He has a presence that is very intoxicating...and i just had diet coke, so I know it was him peeps.  For realz.

I got home about 40 minutes ago...and he's still texting with me.  Damn school nights!  We sat for an hour or so after we finished dessert, just chatting and enjoying the night out.  We walked down the street to the parking garage and got into the elevator.  As the door closed he went as if to tickle my waist, but after a second of that, wrapped himself around me with the sweetest and strongest hug.  Then he kissed me, my back to the elevator wall.  The door chimed and we composed ourselves and walked out.  I grabbed his ass and told him that I had been thinking about that since we sat down for dinner.  It was nice and playful.  Like we were sneaking off to make out.  I dropped him off at his place along the street...pulled up so that we could talk a bit.  Before he got out he put his hand at the back of my head and pulled me over to him in my passenger seat.  As we kissed, my hand followed his arms and I just held his shoulder...not wanting to have to let go.  So, i had to drive off in a daze...through the city.  Luckily I knew right where I was and have my exit route spot on from my nights at happy hour and dancing.  Find the one street that leads me to the highway...and I'm on my way.

Still in a bit of a flutter.  Hoping our plans for lunch this weekend hold out.  Tomorrow is a big day, and I must now open my office because of my employees lack of judgment.  grrrrr.

Sweet dreams and happy tomorrows.. Rin


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