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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mandatory Mondays

Alarm went off, dogs pranced by my bed, I got up, stretched, tucked the morning wood into my trunks (cuz my blinds are always open), put my contacts in, semi dressed myself, walked my boys along the trail, smiled at the shirtless runner, came home, fed boys, brewed coffee, sat down, paid parking tickets...and now I don't wanna get up!  I need another day, please?   I'm realizing that not using my vacation and sick time is not wise...I think I need to be better at just forecasting out and plotting time off way in advance, rather than just saying, "I'll use it next month."  I have 70 hours of vacation time and 50 hours of sick...just sitting there.  When I plan on using a few hours here and there, the week gets insane and I end up comping the time off that I had with hours that I worked over.

So, I'm going to commit to myself to start plotting a day or two each month whether I have plans or not to just take a day.  I am headed out of town with old college friends in August which I really looking forward to.  And I have my parents beach house reserved just for me (and whoever I may be hanging out with at the time) in September.  I'm taking the Rockstar Lesbos (my bestie and her wife) to my families cabin over Labor day with my two boys and their three dogs...which will be a crazy adventure.  Don't worry bout me...i'll be safe with my lesbians.  Next up is possibly Toronto.  There's an adorable guy I met and have been keeping in touch with that lives there.  How are Canadians so nice?  They're just a touch north of us, what's going on up there that keeps them all that way?  The water? Anywho, he's a doll and offered to tour me around since I've never been as an adult.  Why pass up a free place to stay and a hot ass tour guide right?

I'd say that's at least a start.  I can't get to Christmas this year and realize I didn't at least expand my horizons beyond my normal vacation spots...of course I'll be headed to San Diego at least once before the end of the year, if not twice.  That being said I need to get moving and get into the office.  It's another week, and hopefully another successful boost to the new quarter.  We are hitting our stride and I really see my team motivated to keep it up.  Clients are loving the changes and the new fresh vibe we're carrying with us.  Drama be gone as we get closer and closer to the day my boss's crazy ass business partner is finally and completely severed from the business.  He bad joo joo fo sho.   Ok Lovelies...Monday is for the Man's Man...enjoy the day!

- Rin


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