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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dog Daze

There are some days that just seem like they could go on forever, and you just wanna scream half way through to make it all stop.  Just when work is on the fast lane upwards, old drama from psycho ex-business partners rears it's ugly head and forces everyone to focus on something other than the actual goals of the business.  I keep wondering when I will go at least a few weeks without someone else's draw to drama weaseling itself into my life.  I'm so not into creating, harboring, supporting, or even acknowledging people that spin themselves into a when friends and colleagues involve themselves with those very people, and it ends up on my plate...I get over it really quickly.  That's where I am today.  Over BS from other people's poor decisions on who they bring into their lives and how quickly they move them out when it goes south.

I know that's a lot of jumbled mess of ramblings, but that's just how my mind is right now...a bit jumbled.  I had slightly firm dinner plans I sit with no response and wondering what the hell to make for dinner now.  I already hiked my dogs 2 miles, but I may just throw on my gym clothes and go for a run before it gets too dark.  But I ran almost 7 miles at the gym yesterday, and feel a break may actually be good this once.  I just get antsy when I skip a day.  Like if I were running up hill and slowed down too much, i may fall backwards.  I think the weeks events are just making me question every decision and I'm just too exhausted to think clearly.  I've been working wackadoo hours making sure I am covering my sick employee...on top of doing my own job which is just too much when I attempt to still have a life.

Anywho...i must regroup, get outta the funk, and bring some good vibes my way.  My tentative dinner date never responded to my text that's my next plan.  Which should happen soon I guess.  Hrm.  A friend wants to meet up later too...but I told him I'd play it by ear and see what I felt like.  My boys are walked, and passed out.  I should run and find a nibble and tidy up in case my friend just pops over for a movie.  Let's all just grunt through to Friday and then have a killer weekend...mkay?  deal?  Awesomesauce.

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