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Friday, July 22, 2011

Every Day I'm Shuffalin, Shuffalin!

Here we are on Friday...and i'm totally not feeling it.  What happened Friday, what did I do to disturb our amazing friendship?  We've been raging for the last few weeks between great days at the office, team moral on high, and topping it off with happy hour and long nights on the town.  Now, I'm here unable to go to the outdoor show cuz it's so hot i'll melt faster than an M&M stuck in Dolly Parton's tits. I have a few people I'd like to hang out with but they're either out of town, or had plans.  The week of sick employees roles on into the weekend too, so I have to cover tomorrow morning.  It's like I wanna take the week and say, "Oh no you dih-int!"...then move on and get into a better one tomorrow.  Yes, tomorrow i'm starting a new week, forget the calendars line up!

Tomorrow after work I will figure out what's going down and by then may need to hit the clubs for some dancing and manscoping.  Hopefully it's not as hot tomorrow night so that I don't melt on my way into the bar.  I could just fill a camel pack with rum and diet and make it from the car safer that way.  You know what though...i have internet!  So take that Friday!  Booyah...I win!

On other notes:  I ran into a personal trainer at the gym yesterday that I see everytime I'm there and I've actually run into him around the area too.  He's always been super nice and friendly.  (get your heads out of your pants, I'm not about to say I am hooking up with him).  He came up to me on the way out and know when you're ready to really ramp it up dude, i'd totally take you on as a client.   I laughed at first...cuz he's built like a dark chocolate brick wall with guns the size of bowling balls...and that was my first nervous reaction.  Then I composed myself and said that I've been thinking about it but was trying to slim down a bit more before I do the building up.  His response was more classic than I could ever come up with myself: "I'll break you down AND build you back up."  Ok, yes, in the contexts of a gay porn...we'd be fucking sprawled over the stairstepper 2 minutes later...but once again, life is not a gay porn.  He's straight folks...with an adorable girlfriend who I wanna take with me shoe shopping. So, I walked away thinking...I can do it my way and possibly limp along and see results over the next 10 weeks....or I can sign up with him and in 10 weeks be so much farther along towards my goal...and feel that much more prepared to go all the way on my own.

So, tomorrow if he's there, i'm going to let him know I'm interested and see what the next steps will be and what his thoughts would be for a plan.  If I could have arms a quarter the size of his...i'd be stoked!  Plus, I think since I see him almost everyday when I work out, it would be extremely motivating to be doing what he set me up to do and I'd push myself more to prove I am following his plan.  So...that's the plan jan.  Gonna get this once fat kid that was too whiny and pathetic to hike up a hill at our family cabin into some serious full on shape.  Then, i'll figure out how to weed through the asshats and jackwagons to find my mr perfect and get swept off my hott ass feet.  :-)

Cheers to you and the start of a stellar weekend!
OH...P.S.  7 days and counting til my killer thigh tattoo is started.  It's big, it's beautiful, and you're going to love it!

- Rin

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