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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Arm Candy!

I have a serious weakness for big arms...on a hot guy.  Serious weakness!  I've been known to inadvertently touch them if they're standing too close to me in the friends just watch with shock.  But I usually just end up saying "This is nice" as I do it, and the guys usually enjoy the attention.  Now I just need to bring a pair home!  On a similar note, I'd like to have a pair myself.  Which will be an area of focus for the new training program for sure.  I want my t-shirt sleeves to breath a sigh of relief when i take off my shirt at night.  :-)

Anywho...easy day at the office...hectic, but smooth.  Went to the gym for running and abs.  Been keeping up on my stretching too, cuz you know I gots to stay flexible!  Came home to my boys and hiked them a short distance in the wretched heat.  I will admit a nap followed.  Now I'm about to jump in the shower and hopefully head downtown for a drink or two later tonight.  Feeling good & just keeping on the right track.

Tomorrow is some shopping extravaganza...with my Gaybor.  He swears he's only invited to help carry shit to my car...but that's not true.  He's a I need help carrying shit to my car.  ;-)

Well...I will most likely be grabbing onto one of these tonight...if not for the whole night at least for a hot minute while i'm sipping an ice cold bevie.  :-)

Tootles. - Rin

HAHA...i just realized almost all of my selections for tonight are inked...I must have Friday on my mind.  WOOF!

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