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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Supper

Well, this weekend was a mix of productivity & just getting through the heat.  When it's this warm my boys can barely make a quarter of their normal hike and you just don't even want to leave the house.  Watched a movie with a friend last night, went to breakfast at my favorite diner today, and then did some shopping for my condo.  New dresser is assembled and looks gorge.  I'm so thankful I was raised as a handy fag.  I can use a sewing machine, change my truck's oil, sew in a button, spackle a crack in the wall, repair a get the point.
I hope that when I do find a guy who sweeps me away he's handy too...think how great our house will look and how much we'll be able to save doing it ourselves.  With that kind of saving going on we'll be able to have amazing vacations!  :-)

Hoping to meet up with a guy for dinner this week that I hung out with a bit last Thursday.  Tomorrow night I'm supposed to be doing dinner with someone I met at happy hour a few weeks ago.  He's been out of town for work and just got back today.  As I tried to describe to my gaybor, when I say I have a date...I really actually mean a date.  Coffee, beer, or dinner.  No implication of anything else.  Sure, I'm a gay dude and if we click i'm not dumb or dead...but the majority of times I end up just having a good time meeting someone new.  Just had to say that cuz I realized I started spilling my schedule of dates for the week...and with the myriad of definitions of "dates" these was important to clarify I wasn't a hooker.  LOL.  :-)

Ok...I'm sleepier than a narcoleptic at an Enya I must get moving, pack my gym bag, set up my lunch for tomorrow, and get to bed.  Pups are passed out on the couches...and I will be out soon too.  Wishing I was spooning right about now...god do I love cuddling.  It's just the best isn't it.

 - Rin

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