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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

So, I don't know where you are today...but the East Coast is hot and humid and i am not having any part of it!  Well, the dog walks still go on, but other than that I'm sticking inside and my condo is an ice box.  So excited tomorrow is Friday!  Treating myself to a half day and a massage.  Deep Tissue here I come.  I specifically requested someone extremely good at that style and that wasn't afraid to do it right.  The receptionist said...Oh, I know just the person....I'm thinking great, Helga is gonna come in tomorrow and jam her lesbian elbows into my back til there bruised and I can't show myself for a week.  But I had a moment of luck and she said "Tim is VERY good at deep tissue!".   So cross your fingers, toes, and even your legs...just this once...that Tim is tall, hot, and knows how to use his hands....oh, and will fix my wonky shoulder too, yeah, that too.

This week at work has been tight with the schedule...two people on the same team out which leaves me filling in the blanks.  Luckily at the start of the week I was super productive on my paperwork, billing, and officy work.  So I have the time to be more front and center and assist with my teams tasks...but I would love a week or two with everyone in their positions and healthy.  But I do enjoy getting to be with my crews on a longer basis than I am able to on a normal day as I can really get in and figure out what areas need addressed and what needs streamlined.  Plus, I love my teams and enjoy the more social environment rather than the office type work.  Of course when I need to buckle down and get office work done...that's when the phone starts ringing and people start lining up at the door needing me...ain't timing always a bitch like that.

Anywho poodles...I am looking forward to a few things on the coming days.  Tomorrow: obviously the massage with Tim!  Saturday: Furniture shopping for a new bedroom set.  Sunday: Farmers market to fill the fridge.  Next Friday:  I'm getting a big thigh piece done by my fave tattoo artist!  Eeeeeeekkk!  It's going to be insane.  So I've been killing my legs at the gym...and I think they're ready.  Then of course the mandatory Bear Happy Hour afterwards since I know my adrenaline will be pumping and there is know way I can sit at home.  ;-)  So...that's the highlights of the planner for next week.  Of course I like to sprinkle in some last minute excitement when I can.

Hope the world is treating you well today...drink up some of these refreshing pieces to cool you down!

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