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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

I'm taking a slow morning...yesterdays was much more enjoyable though since Mr. and I had an amazing evening on Tuesday.  He planned and executed date that will be hard for me to top next.  Flying trapeze class..yeah, amazing!  And luckily I did well for a first time flyer, got everything but the catch on the last swing and apparently that was the timing of the catcher, not me.  Then we had a blissful morning sleeping in and both going into work our later days on the same day finally.  It's weird how my place doesn't seem as much like home without him around now.   So looking forward to having him here more and really enjoying the comforts of fall's approach.  All this kinda has me in a happy cloud...feeling a bit ungrounded, but in a very good way.  I rarely get a breath to just stop and enjoy where my life has brought me, and so having him here to give me that opportunity and motivation is really amazing.

The plans are on for another great weekend.  Headed out of town for a quick trip on Friday to see a show and then some friend time and randomness will surely occur as well.  I need to finalize my purchase on my new dining room set and I think I've finally settled on my new headboard/footboard...these big purchases just take me some time.  I can pick out a pair of shoes and be at the register in 10 minutes, but furniture is a whole different ballgame.

Hoping for a good and smooth day at the office, a quick stop at home for the dogs, and a short run and lifting session at the gym tonight.  That's the I must set it in motion.  Coffee and breakfast are on board...outfit of the day needs to jump out and I must roll out.

Here's a bit of watered down hotness for the sunny day.  Cheers - Rin

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