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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

Home from work and had a nice walk in the drizzle with my dogs.  It's cool again...and I'm hoping it's here to stay.  I already was inspired by the season change and baked a German Apple Cake (Apple Kuchen) last night. Of course I couldn't resist eating half of it if I kept it here, so I carted it into work for my crew.  And tonight I threw together a quick potato/clam chowder.  Avoiding the cream I blend half of the potatoes and thicken with a bit of corn starch.  Opened my windows and plan to enjoy my soup curled up on the couch in a hoodie...damn I love my hoodies.  :-) 

I realized today that I think it's time I begin to go through my closet and permanently rid it of anything that's too big.  This also made me realize that I have a serious addiction to denim.  And unfortunately, the majority of it must go.  I feel like saving it is admitting that there is the slightest chance I'll get back to those sizes...and I have made the promise to myself that that will never happen!  If I have to pay someone to drag my ass into the gym and beat me until I work out, I'll do it.  So, that project is on my list for this week.  Pull everything out and try it on, donate if it's too big...and see what I really have left.  It'll make shopping more fun and realistic because I often say I don't need more jeans, but I only have a few pair that don't fall off without a belt.  You can only cinch up so much before your jeans bunch up and it looks like you shit yourself on the way out the door.  

I also realized today that I really am crazy about Mr.  He possesses so much more of what I desire in a partner than I could even think of, and I find something new out every time we're together that makes me even adore him more.  I'm really just filled to the brim with excitement over sharing more time together.  I'm looking for ideas for long weekend getaways or road trips.  Drop the dogs at the lesbians and head out on an adventure together.  I think it'll be fun just planning it together.  We've been talking about it and this morning we just wanted to bail on work and go for it asap....but we were responsible and carried on with our days.  But mid day we did touch base wishing we had the nerve and lacked the responsibilities that kept us on track.  

But alas...I survived work and am home.  Thinking up ideas of what to do when we hang out next.  I'm meeting up with him and some of his friends, along with a few of mine, for a show on Friday.  Should be a fun first mixer for our friends.  See what each thinks of the others.  :-)  Until then it's work...and dogs...and of course gym.  Must eat some soup and then head there afterwards.  

Need to keep shaping up for more ink!!  - Rin


  1. Almost make me wanna get one...ALMOST

  2. They're so addictive...once you start, you can't stop! :-) Kinda like Blow Jobs I guess. LOL