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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

Well, not that it's catching up as I had hoped.  But life is good and I am grateful!  I really do believe that everything lines up for a reason and people come into your lives just when you need them the most.  Mr. is more than I could dream of and I'm still trying to wrap my head around how different this feels from anything else I've ever experienced with other guys I've dated...even my ex of 8 years.  Our connection is stronger and more real those 8 years...which is why I'm so swept away.  It's not just lust's a true joy in his company.  And after a great Friday last week spent with him and meeting a lot of his friends from his past and present I really can see that it's mutual, and that was bliss. Total fuel for my extremely productive weekend too.

I purged 3 trash bags of clothing that was now too big for me. A strange feeling when some of the pants were ones I used to hate putting on straight out of the dryer.  I tried each one on...and those even fell off when I let go of the button.  I knew I was making good progress on my goal of getting into shape, but to see it in plain sight and my old negative chip in my head had no response that could take that away.  That was pretty great.  The other great meant I could totally justify a shopping trip for jeans and pants...i'm kinda addicted to denim.  I found some killer ones that I can't wait to throw on and hit the town in.

I ran 6 miles on Saturday...and while I wanted to hit more, I just knew my head wasn't in it and I didn't get my usual that is never a good start.  I'm realizing how much I like routine as I get older...I'm gonna be the guy annoyed that someone is sitting in my booth at my breakfast joint when I'm old and have a booth. But then I just decided to enjoy the run and pack on some abs and chest so I felt like I hadn't just taken the easy way out.  So Sunday I focused on lifting, because the gym was empty.  It was kinda nice just walking in and not getting on a treadmill, going right to weights.

 That gets me to last night.  I woke up yesterday, knowing my week would be exhausting and my time at the gym may be a bit sporadic, so I said I would hit my 12 mile mark.  I only told a few people so that I wasn't too burned if I couldn't get there.  But I got to the gym and just set my mind to it.  The first 7 miles were so easy, I was stoked.  Then I realized I was on a treadmill that stopped after 60 minutes.  So when I started back up again, my legs were hating me in all kinds of ways.  But I gave myself a minute or two to just hike it out a bit slower...and then just when I had thoughts creep into my head that maybe I should just stop at 10 miles...a text from Mr. came through.  Like a burst of energy.  It was so motivational and sweet...saying to keep running and running and running...and to call when I hit my 12 miles.  As if he knew exactly when I needed to hear that the most.  So I hunkered down and hit my goal.  12 miles in an hour and 58 minutes.  I wasn't going for a certain pace this time...just the miles, and I got them.

So, after a moonlit walk this morning with my boys, and not the jello legs I was expecting.  I must finish my morning joe and get to the office.  I have a very exciting date tonight with Mr. and a trapeze class.  Talk about date night!  He planned this one and it sounds insanely fun.  I'm just hoping I don't drop off the bar my first swing out over the net.  But at least there's a net.

Happy day - Rin

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