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Monday, September 26, 2011

A Week Past Due

Ok...I suck...and in more than the good way this time.  It's been too long since my last post and I was on such a roll there.  But I'm not gonna do the normal self abuse thing and just move on with it.  So, that's where I am.

I life is grand...Mr. is official and I'm completely head over heals.  I haven't let it out about this yet, but I need to soon...who knows, he may be following right along for all I know.  (Hiyeee if you are)  Work is still work, but if one of the points on my triangle of life is wonky, i'll take work.  Home is great, Love is awesome, so work can be a bit shitty and I'll be fine.  I do hope to have all the points in the green at some  moment in life, but for now two out of three is working.

Today was one of those weird off days for almost everyone I've talked to.  Not bad, just seemed off.  Then I came home and took my dogs for a walk with Mr. and came home and they just couldn't settle...paced and whined and paced some more.  It was almost eerie how my younger boy just couldn't stop himself from moving or whining.  Then I went to the gym and as I was pulling into the parking lot there was a massive flock of birds that was clustering along the roof line and trees.  To the point that there were people standing around taking pictures.  Are we getting another earthquake?  Or is it just the new moon and equinox messing with nature's balance.  I'm hoping the latter.  Anywho, luckily it's ok to give a dog a benadryl and let him chill the fuck out.  My teacher friends and mom all said that their kids were especially crazy today too...but I'm assuming that drugging them isn't as widely acceptable.  Anywho, my boys are a bit more rested after tonight's walk, so I'm hoping to get some sleep.

I'm still on the gym path...but not killing myself to get there 7 days a week.  I've found a good balance and I'm really wanting to give Mr. and I time to enjoy each other when our crazy schedules allow.  I've cut back on doing the split shifts and gym over my mid day break, because that was just about feeling like you're at work for 14 hours a day.  So, it's been at least a good balance...and I'm still able to get it all in.  Trying to get myself out on the trail more for my longer runs too, so that when this half marathon sneaks up in November, I'm not killed in the first 6 miles.  All in all, that's where I stand.  Getting wrapped up in love and totally adoring every minute of it...and sticking with my goals along the way.

For the love of god am I rambling tonight...must shower and hit the sack so I can be alive at the office tomorrow.  Tuesdays notoriously hit the, I should be rested to deal with the bs.

Peace...and wut not.  - Rin

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