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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hump Day!

It's going to be short...and to the point.  I'm super tired and I feel my eyes fluttering into dream zone.  Plus, I still have to potty walk my dogs and take a shower.  Blurgh.  Today was a good way mostly.  I did miss waking up with my man though...ugh, I'm so attached to him already.  I got my ass out of bed early and even had time for a coffee and english muffin on the couch before I went off to the office.  Just missed the morning rain and stayed dry on my dog walk too.  So, that was a good start to the day.  Luckily my boys totally get that when it rains...walks are short.  They don't fuss more than normal and don't seem to bottle up their energy like kids.  Which thrills me because this constant rainy weather makes me about as motivated as a sloth with a wicked weed habit.

Work was work...nothing crazy, nothing exciting.  You need those days everyonce in a while to keep the other ones seeming more interesting I guess.  I cut out a touch early since it was so slow and got home to get my boys out and about before I hit the gym.  The paths around my place that follow the creek were all flooded...and trees were down on other parts of the paths.  Weird that it was worse today that the day after the supposed "hurricane" that made people go mad with fear.  Stupid news people getting everyone riled up and then not getting that excited when actual weather does hit.

Well, I hit the gym and ran a bit, did chest, and then spun my way through my first spin class.  I've been thinking about getting into one for a while but my timing is always off.  I'm either getting to the gym ten minutes after it starts...or ten minutes before it's over.  So today I made sure I was there with time to do some warm up stuff, and get a good bike.  It was good...I'm glad I did it and now I plan to try a few different instructors.  Also, I think a class with a bit more people that are actually into it might be more fun.  My group today was a bit one was responding to her and I was feeling like it was dragging a bit from lack of involvement.  I've walked by a few classes that the group is just pumped and seem super into it.  I think I wanna give one of those a go before I pass on making it a routine.  At least it's a different option for my cardio days.  Although I feel less tired than I do on my long run days. part of my day was getting a long phone call from my man as he drove home from his work day.  He has a work thing all weekend that he's prepping for so this week is a bit scarce on together time.  But I think we'll make up for it next week/weekend.  I'm trying to think up a fun day trip somewhere and then get a weekend away on the books so that we don't over schedule with everything else in our lives.  Really looking forward to some time away with him...explore somewhere new together.  But that's to get my kids ready for sleepy time and myself clean enough to crawl into bed and pass out.  I think my legs may be way more sore tomorrow...which will be great for my morning hike.

Hopefully next Hump Day i'll get to do a little humping myself.  :-) - Rin

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