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Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring Away

This weekend turned out to be a beautiful and relaxing time at home.  Friday I spent it in...hiked my dogs, did some housework, and just enjoyed a bit of down time.  Saturday morning the lesbos and I went to breakfast at my fave spot and then I did a bit of shopping.  Stocked up on the necessities and hooked myself up with a few new supplements to see if I can get myself over my recent plateau at the gym.  Excited to see if I can get a bit of a boost and really start to see some change.  Saturday evening was pure bliss.  Mr. came over and we hung out a bit, went to the dinner, and did a bit of jean shopping for him.  It felt so natural being with him out and about.  We held hands through the mall...something the ex would have never done...and I just felt proud and confident being with him.

We have a way of just laughing and being completely on the same page with how we see spending time and just enjoying each other's company.  It was fun just playing around and shopping.  Time does fly when you're having fun!  We got to meet up with his close friend, which was great.  She and I definitely clicked and shared some odd similarities.  One being she spent 8 years on the west coast almost exactly in line with my time out the same town.  So we bonded over missing some of our fave places...and the general relaxed vibe.
Afterwards we came back to my place and cuddled up for a movie.  Had great time and really just in awe at how great he is and how much he seems to like I him. He's so creative and seems to drive me to foster that part of myself.  Which brings me to today.  I started a set of small paintings for my parents, and have drafted up an idea for Mr.  Of course I still have my major project on deck...and have started some doodles for that.  Just excited to be back to creating art.  Really looking forward to more time with Mr. and more chances to be inspired.

Life is good...cheers. - Rin
Is it too late to wear white already?????


  1. Sounds like a perfect day!! Way better than mine, I cut my grass, cleaned house and ate chips while playing win lol...You should show your doodles, paintings and drawings that you're working on some time!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll grab a few shots of my stuff and post it up this week. :-)