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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time Flies

As I recall promising myself I was going to get on here and make a post each day, I'm realizing another week has flown by with a few days missing on the list.  But sometimes, failed goals mean you're busy enjoying a little me time!  I think i'm on the road and it feels great...wind in my hair, moonroof open, and the radio is cranked!  I'm starting to look for a place to live...who knew I would be so excited for a 1 bedroom place after years of sharing a big house...but I am.  It'll be my little place.  It's been almost 10 years since I've truly lived alone since I had room mates most of my time out west before moving in with my ex.  The freedom almost has me giddy thinking about it.  I'm already planning my house warming party menu.  Wow, that sounds so gay.

Anywho, I've been dating and meeting new friends...and making sure I'm spending the time with the friends that are truly supportive and honest.  I think in the past, whether it was stupid youthfulness, or just the rush of life, I've  gone times where I was able to always express how much my friends had meant to me.  Reconnecting and reaffirming old friendships...and strengthening new ones...has me in a place of really examining how precious true friendship is.  I just hope that I'm able to always be as supportive and caring as my friends have been to me through my recent break-up and life stressors.  Now that my route is lining up and becoming more clear, I'm able to just enjoy where it takes me.  I think the rush of a new date and the possibility in the experience is exhilarating.  Even if it ends up not working out, that flash of responses and nerves awakens everything inside you.  Like skydiving...but on a slightly less flashy and less expensive scale.  And when a date goes well, that natural high is overwhelming almost.

In the spirit of rediscovery, I am also re-committing myself to P90x.  The last time I started I made it through week 6 but was overcome by a cold and then just the schedule and internal doubt.  I think my new found freedom and the excitement of this new chapter in my life will carry me through the 90 days.  I am confident that I can visualize the end and how proud I will be of myself and how rewarding the outcome will be for me personally and physically.  I've already been losing weight with just a change in diet, portions, and overall view of why I'm eating what I'm eating.  I no longer feel the need to eat when I'm bored, anxious, or just unsure of what I should be doing.  I am eating for my life and energy.  As the say...Eat to Live, don't Live to Eat.

I'll keep you posted on my P90x Journey...and maybe one of these day's with some luck, i'll make it onto the Tattoo Tuesday wall.  :-)

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