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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Suppers

Had a great weekend at the beach with my family and dogs.  It was a bit cold, but we got in a few walks on the beach and obviously had some great food.  Now back to reality and all the craziness that comes along for the ride.  Work will surely be a roller coaster this week as there is a lot of drama from the top that always seems to trickle through and create havoc amongst my teams.  I'm just hoping an end for this bs is in sight.

I've been on such a wave of emotions lately.  One day up, and the next down.  And it seems like they change with the drop of a dime.  There's just a lot going on and no matter how well I plan and organize, there's just no way to control every outcome.  I feel a bit lost at times, but am so lucky to have such great friends and supporters.

I'm going out on the town this week.  Dancing and chillin.  Treat myself to some fun.  Looking forward to it so much.

In the meantime...enjoy the view.

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