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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fleeing From Betrayal

Betrayal is such a simple word
To be filled with so much vengeful power
It can pierce the heart like a soldier's sword
It can spoil friendships as grapes will sour

Not one person is immune
Not one heart strong enough to protect
Disguised as a sweet and simple tune 
The keenest eyes could never detect

Why waste time with mere disgust
Why base life on such things 
Free your heart gain my trust
I will open my own and spread my wings

If this is more then I may ask
Then simply turn back and leave me be
A good heart exists under your deceiving mask
The day will come for you to set it free

I have tried to support and be a friend
Nothing can be done to help you more
My pain and loss, time will mend
You must choose your path, jump and soar

I pray you pass safely through tomorrow
Finding the answers to whatever you seek
We are strengthened through our heartache and sorrow
Remember though, the days when you were weak

Our paths have crossed and I have grown
Aware of my vulnerability and youthful mind
No longer feeling completely alone
Others have proven to be good and kind

Desiring acceptance and untainted love
As I race towards happiness, I have to win
Flying swiftly in the wind I watch from above
As this nears the end, I have to begin 

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