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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Morning coffee and a Cinnamon Scone I whipped up last night.  The rest are for the new team at work, but I always have to make sure they're good enough to share.  Today is my last day of my first week since Mr. and I are off to NYC tomorrow.  Excited for the trip...nervous to leave the dogs.  But, once we check into the lovely hotel, some of that will melt away.  :-)

At weeks end I'm still excited about the new job, still see a lot of potential there, and I see a lot of room to make it what the owners what it to become.  Next week we'll see how they all respond to the first team meeting and everything I plan to lay out on the table.  Excited to be the person that they've wanted in their corner for quite some's fun to prove to people that things can change in the right direction and that the promises others made and never kept up, were not the teams fault, but that individuals inability to follow-through.

Meanwhile, I heard a rumor through the grapevine that the old clinic I left in January is crumbling under mismanagement and all the b.s. I was always working to push out of the clinic.  It's always a little extra nice to hear that people you've hired in the past at other employers, are seeking you out to work with you again.  Kinda makes me feel good.  And I love to have smart and trained staff right off the back that I'm 100% confident in their work ethic and abilities.  So, lets just say I have some great new hires lined up!

Ok, must shower, walk the beasts, and head off.  So nice not to be dreading what I'm headed to or having to rush to meet someone and unlock a door. The past stress is dripping off me like the glaze on those scones in the kitchen! - Rin

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