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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yesterday was a blur.  Woke up on my first day off in over a week and was hit with a cold.  Isn't that cloudy helium filled head feeling just the worst.  I think the worst is over, but just feeling a bit sluggish and behind the ball.  At least the sore throat and stuff is passed.  Hanging this morning with my dogs before my last close.  Tomorrow is my last day at this gig and my new job starts on Monday.  So essentially, I get my normal schedule and life back tomorrow.  Seems weird.  But I'm ready and excited about the opportunity.

Finishing up plans for a trip to NYC in a week and excited for that.  Travel plans always stress me out...with the dogs and all...but I'm excited to get out of town even for two days.  I think it'll spur some creativity and movement for me and help start this next round off on the right foot.  Really hoping I can just forget all the crap in my mind for a bit and enjoy the trip.  I'm always over thinking and over stressing...I need to work on that.  Anywho, not looking forward to a late night at work and knowing there's a big visit tomorrow in my store, so my last day won't be easy breezy like cover girl promises.  It's going to be awkward and uncomfortable...but at least it's the end of the madness!  I'm excited for that!

So, going to relax some more this morning and take the boys on a hike.  Enjoy what you have to the fullest!
 - Rin

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