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Monday, August 27, 2012

MANdatory Monday

First day in the history books.  Great day...lots of lists of things to do, priorities to set, and people to start holding accountable.  That last one will be the kicker.  People love someone to dump their wants onto...but when they get back their part in the big wheel of business success...they tend to shut up.  But I am hopeful this group will see the benefits of crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's so everyone can still have a good time and be proud of where they work and the success we see.

Came home...deboned the chicken I had in the crock pot for the dogs...and am now just resting a bit before I start dinner for Mr. and I.  His Monday's usually suck, so hopefully he'll get home in time to unwind and enjoy a bit of the evening.  Making pan seared tilapia and pesto noodles.  Excited for anything pesto!

Random thought of the day:  If every car insurance company will save me $300-500 per year, I'd only have to switch 3-4 times until it's free.  Right?

Chew on it - Rin

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