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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wind Down

This weekend was a good one...lots of R&R at home with Mr. and the dogs, quick workshop out of town, dinner party for friends...and that was just Saturday.  Today was epic...slept in, dog walks, naps, good food, more naps, and lots of quality time.  A great Sunday to start of the Sunday routine if you ask me.  Tomorrow I start my new job and all the fun of being the new guy in charge.  It's always fun walking in the first day and then weeks later looking back at all the perceptions, thoughts, and ideas you had initially...and seeing how far off or spot on you were.  So that'll be fun.

Looking forward to a quick week before the long weekend and a fun trip to the Big Apple to meet up with friends from out west and see some shows.  Staying at a fab hotel isn't all that bad either!  Keeping my fingers crossed the dogs are good for their sitter so I can relax and come home to a good report card.  :)  Always determines how quickly I schedule our next trip without them.  To be honest I'm hoping to take them to the beach or cabin soon...I love the Fall in both those spots, so I'm going to do my best to plan and make it happen so we don't hit winter and I hibernate into my cozy blanket and comfy pants.

So that's about it.  Just pushing away the nervous butterflies and going for it.  Hoping I can make it awesome and have fun along the way too.  Here's to the next chapter!

Cheers - Rin

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