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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WTF happened to May?

So time is seriously going so fast!!! I can't even believe we're mere weeks fron halfway through the year! I'm a year older since my last post...and hopefully getting wiser. My Birthday brought sone great ups and the days that followed just a bit of stress and a few downs. But damn are we on an upswing! I had a few dinner and or dessert dates in the last few weeks. Just good old fashioned talking over food and babies kinda thing. No random Hookups or sexcapades to share...sorry! But when someone offers a dinner date, who am I to say no? While the first 3 guys were kind, cute, and we shared good conversation...Bachelor #4 blew me away. We've been talking daily...and throughout each day since that first date. We even went to the gym together...I know, how gay.

I'm trying not to and "f" this one up because there's something there between u's that's very different than anything I've ever felt...including my last relationship if almost 8 yrs. I think part of it is that we're both in that moment of life where we realize the waste of time that not being open and just honest w your emotions and feelings is. I love that he speaks his mind and texts me w/o worrying if it's "his turn". I love that he had no problem kissing me when I dropped him off at work. I love that he is open enough to tell me he talked to his mom about me. I told him that in the past it was these type of little things that were so lacking in my relationships. The unfiltered honesty and truly sincere kindness. I've always fallen into relationships where I tend to be the farmer 100% of the time...and he has already proven his natural willingness to share the role and give more balance to the time we spend together or on the phone.'s to hoping this is all gonna keep going and you'll get to hear more about this Mr Man. ;-)

Posting pics still sucks from my phone...but here's a few to snack on.

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