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Monday, May 9, 2011

Internet-less in Mi Casa.

So, I may just try and fit a few work sessions in at the local Starbucks because I miss getting to update this as much as I used to. I'm a week ir two away from getting my internet set up...but I may push that up a bit because without cable and internet...I feel like Sarah Plain and Tall up in hur! Although my waist and my dogs are benefitting since I'm going on two or three 4 mile hikes a day. So that's a bonus I guess.

It's been a great first week in my new place. I honestly feel like ive lived here much just feels right. I met a guy last weekend and we've spent four nights together already. To be honest he is so different than anyone I've ever dated or considered dating. He's short for one thing. Lol...and very Miami. But he's super stylish, witty, and great at cuddling...among other things. While both of our lives are a bit hectic...I think we're just enjoying the company and fun of it all. We'll see where this all takes me.

In other news: my first day here I met my downstairs neighbor. Stretching out front after his run. I was like, "hot latin boy, why are you stretching?". LoL. Of course he continued stretching our entire conversation. Very chatty that one! We've hung out a few times just to chit chat. Ran into him at happy hour on Friday. Had breakfast w him on Saturday morning. While he's hot and nice...I think we'll be friends. I'm taking the advice of a dr. at work and not mixing love and neighbors! Of course boy talk doesn't end there. I met a cute guy in passin last week and we've been texting ever since. Tried to get together sat night but we both had prior commitments we felt bad bailing on. He's a pilot (breathe, breathe) and hot! So sweet and if we have the same sparks we do at our next meeting he may be a keeper. I'm really trying to not create some ideal situation that will be impossible to I'm just enjoying keeping in touch with him while he's popping around on his plane. We're hoping for dinner or drinks tomorrow when he settles back down for a day or two. But I'll keep you posted!

Cheers to a great week and thanks for sticking with me through the Internet-less times. - Rin

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